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Below are just some of the services we offer, all in a small, friendly environment, with friendly staff. As a Family Practice, we are comfortable with all ages: Yes, we see children also!

We also have limited online record access through the portal , and you can pre-register, also. Click the button below.


Why go to an Urgent Care?

We know it is better to be seen where you are known, so, unlike bigger practices, we always reserve space for same-day appointments for illnesses or injuries. Please call as soon as you can, as space is limited (there are only so many of us) but we will most always be able to see you. We do make a point to see your sick child that day if needed, but please call as early as you can.



From Newborns to Adolescents

Preventive exams as they grow...Routine immunizations are recommended, and can be given in a comfortable setting with familiar people. Sick visits, too.


Prescription for Healthy Living

A "Pap smear" is only part of a complete "physical" and we can do all of it here. Why go multiple places for different parts of your physical. We take care of the whole you. Pap smear testing, contraception management- including IUD's, and more...

Scientist in the Lab


Convenient Lab Testing

Specimen for testing are collected by our able staff right here. You don't have to go to a lab for blood tests. We do quick tests also (strep, flu, urinalysis, etc). Why go to Urgent Care when you can see people who know you?


Injuries, etc.

We have X-ray on site and can diagnose most injuries right here. Why go to an Urgent Care?


Some of our other services: Preventive Exams (physicals), sports physicals, kindergarten checkups, Travel advice and immunizations, minor surgery (lumps/bumps, moles, etc), lacerations, and more.

We diagnose and manage most chronic problems, asking for specialist consultation when needed.

As a Family Practice, we can handle most of anything as we have probably about seen it all in over 20 years of practice.

Things we do not provide include:
-CDL exams due to the new certification rules, unfortunately.

-Opiate pain medication for chronic pain not due to malignancy or other non-treatable problems. We can give you contact information for pain management centers, or help with other ways of improving your problem.

-Extreme hormone manipulation. Our endocrine systems are pretty well designed and, excluding Type 1 diabetes and other clear lack of production, it functions as it should if the body is not abused. Trying to compensate for lack of fitness by excessive hormone treatment is dangerous and we do not support it.